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The Netherlands Reinsurance Association (NRV) is a platform for everyone involved with reinsurance in the Netherlands.

On this website you can find information on the history, the activities, news items linked to the association and various links in connection with the reinsurance industry.

What we do

Wrap-up January 25th, 2018 This year’s New Year’s Gathering took place on Thursday 25 January at Bar Brasserie Engels in Rotterdam. Guy Carpenter sponsored and took care of the presentations: ‘Guy Carpenter in Benelux’, ‘The Reinsurance Market Before & After ‘HIM’’ and ‘Review of 1/1, Worldwide and Netherlands’.
Building guide Wendeline Dijkman of De Gebouwengids told about the history of Rotterdam, its architecture and the Groot Handelsgebouw, where the meeting took place.

As always, the formal part was followed by a toast and a walking dinner.

The number of participants reached a record of 160 people.

General notice: to be well prepared and to make a proper estimation of the number of participants – in order to avoid wasting of both contribution fee and food – we kindly ask you to appreciate the deadline of the registration (generally, one week before the meeting takes place).

Activities To improve the level of knowledge within the reinsurance market, the NRV holds an informative meeting for its members at least three times a year.

The topics discussed during these meetings vary greatly. For example, recent discussions included security ratings, the transport sector in the Netherlands and Solvency II.

We also regularly invite external speakers to these meetings, so they can share their vision about issues encountered and envisaged within the reinsurance sector. NRV’s informative meetings are also regularly combined with visits to special locations such as the Railway Museum in Utrecht, the Escher Museum in The Hague, the Amsterdam ArenA, the Gemeente Museum in The Hague and Slot Zeist are among those recently enjoyed.

Reinsurance A policyholder takes out insurance, whereby a premium is paid that entitles the policyholder to claim for potential damage insured by an insurance company.
The insurance company can in-turn also insure (part of) the risk. This is referred to as reinsurance. This therefore spreads the primary risk among a larger number of parties.

Reinsurance improves the insurance sector’s capacity to absorb risks, and permits large and difficult to estimate risks – like natural disasters and environmental damage, which exceed the insurance capacity of individual companies – to still be insured.

In addition, reinsurance allows insurance companies to greatly reduce annual fluctuations in their technical results (received premiums minus claim settlements and reserves) and also to limit the effects of large and unexpected claims, thus protecting the capital and solvency of insurance companies.

This may apply to new or smaller insurance companies in particular, as the size of their portfolios make it more difficult to spread the risk and because they often have insufficient equity capital to withstand unexpected losses.
Fluctuations in technical results can, for example, be caused by:

  • The frequency of minor and medium-sized claims;
  • Major claims, like a fire at a factory;
  • The accumulation of claims originating from a single source, such as a major storm or earthquake.


Although the NRV is still a relatively young association, it attracts a great deal of interest. At present, over 200 people from the reinsurance industry are affiliated to the association. Active engagement in reinsurance activities is an essential condition for NRV membership. As stated earlier, our members work for (captive) insurance companies, reinsurance companies, financial consultants or government authorities related to the industry.

The NRV represents the ideal opportunity for you to expand and maintain your network. Besides the Netherlands, our members also originate from Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Ireland, among others. All of them are active in the Dutch reinsurance market.

We ask members to make an annual contribution of €100. Membership will always be personal. Are you interested? Then contact us today.

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