De Nederlandse Reassurantie Vereniging (NRV) is het platform voor iedereen die zich binnen Nederland

About NRV

The NRV was founded in 1997 as a follow-up to “Under 40’s”, which was an initiative by a group of young participants in the English (re)insurance market. The organisation of meetings establishes an important basis for realising the NRV’s objective – to increase interest in the reinsurance market and improve knowledge within the sector. Furthermore, the association also offers a platform to discuss and exchange knowledge and experiences about topics that are generally encountered in the reinsurance world.


The Committee of the Netherlands Reinsurance Association consists of six members who fulfil this task on a voluntary basis. The board is elected each year during the Annual General Meeting.


Robert Mul
0031 6 5357 0025


Laura Romp-Babay
Achmea Reinsurance Company N.V.
0031 6 5122 4093


Jan Harold Warrink
Univé Her
0031 6 5788 5511

General Committee member

Kirsten van Exel
Willis Towers Watson
0031 6 5118 1482

General Committee member

Daniël Lambers
TVM verzekeringen N.V.
0031 6 1231 0297

General Committee member

Edward Samsom
0049 172 2175 077

General Committee member

Martin Gorter
Aon Reinsurance Solutions
0031 6 1296 5990

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Although the NRV is still a relatively young association, it attracts a great deal of interest. At present, over 200 people from the reinsurance industry are affiliated to the association. Active engagement in reinsurance activities is an essential condition for NRV membership. As stated earlier, our members work for (captive) insurance companies, reinsurance companies, financial consultants or government authorities related to the industry.

The NRV represents the ideal opportunity for you to expand and maintain your network. Besides the Netherlands, our members also originate from Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Ireland, among others. All of them are active in the Dutch reinsurance market.

We ask members to make an annual contribution of €100. Membership will always be personal. Are you interested? Then contact us today.

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